Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Show review: Briar Rabbit at Double Door, 6/21

By Bobby Minelli

photo: Cynthia Post
In-between self examined lyrical exclamations, Briar Rabbit frontman Phillip-Michael Scales found time to express his excitement when his mother--daring tornado warnings and summer storms--strolled into the Double Door's Summer Solstice party last Tuesday. "I swear she's on the list. She's my mom!"

There was a similar vibe of exuberance and relief among the concert goers that night when Briar Rabbit took the stage just after the massive downpour--which had been looming all day--subsided. The doors were open so a warm summer wind could pass through and elevate the evening's potential for a bit of magic.

Starting things out with an infectious yet restrained acapella hymn, Phillip-Michael and company launched into the series of well thought out pop songs that have gotten them so much attention these past few months.

Most of the tunes came from the band's new EP Briar Rabbit and the Company You Keep, including obvious fan favorite "Numbers." However, the set did showcase a few new songs, including one that rode a sweet oldies-esque chord progression a la Ben E. King.

Prior to the ponderous "All My Words," Phillip-Michael urged the crowd to think about something that was dear to them, something they could not do without. He then addressed the fact that what we were seeing him and his band do up on stage was, for them, the most important thing in the world.

Phillip-Michael also explained that the band is endeavoring to buy a small school bus and convert the original diesel engine to run on vegetable oil so they can take their songs all over the country. Check out this video for more details.


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