Thursday, June 9, 2011

Show preview: Matters at Schubas, 6/10

Posted by Andrew Hertzberg

Looking for your latest John O’Regan fix? The Diamond Rings brainchild has reunited with his old band the D’Urbervilles and transformed into Matters. How new is the band? Neither of the bands' Wikipedia pages mention anything about this. Now that’s some indie cred that’s up for taking. There’s not too much out there at all on them, but you can grab their debut 7” in digital format on bandcamp. The band retains a similar post-punk sound from before albeit a bit cleaned up and John O’s baritone seems somehow even deeper. Don’t expect the glammed out, Jordan jersey sporting frontman of yore. If the ominous noir setting in the A side’s "Get in Or Get Out" video is any indication, this show will be set in a tone much darker than a Diamond Rings gig. Catch the official Chicago debut of Matters at Schubas this Friday, June 10th at 10 PM ($10, 18+). Headlining the show is DC’s US Royalty balancing the Black Keys blues swagger with Fleet Foxes harmonies. Opening up are Quad Cities vets Chrash with their wry, insightful Pinbackish indie rock.

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