Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The 1900s, Gold Motel at Taste of Randolph, 6/19

By Frank Krolicki

The 1900s (photo: Frank Krolicki)
Most of what I have to say about the performances by The 1900s and Gold Motel Sunday night at Taste of Randolph fest I already said in previous reviews (see here and here). Of all the bands in this city, these have been two of the most consistently energetic and entertaining to see live, and nothing was different during their sets at the final night of this year's West Loop street festival.

Gold Motel came on first early in the evening, and as usual, made it very easy for the crowd to dance (or at least head-bob, for the more inhibited in attendance). Their concise, buoyant power pop tunes just make you want to move. The quintet played almost all of their debut record Summer House, in addition to "Cold Shoulders" and "Slow Emergency," both tracks from their recent 7" Talking Fiction. They also threw in two promising new tracks -- "Leave You in Love" and "Santa Cruz" -- from their upcoming sophomore LP, which frontwoman Greta Morgan announced would be recorded in the fall and released early next year.

Later in the evening, The 1900s delivered a set very similar to when they played the Empty Bottle for the release of their latest LP Return of the Century in December, but I found myself just as transfixed Sunday as I was back then. Co-lead singer Jeanine O'Toole could have accomplished that by her '70s babe vibe alone, complete with a look falling somewhere between Chrissy from "Three's Company" and Daphne from "Scooby Doo." But there was also the music, which was of course fantastic. The 1900s hit on all the highlights from Century ("Bmore," "Babies," "Sanzimat," "Overreactin'," to name a few) as well as a handful of older tracks such as a lengthy, raveup version of "Two Ways" and an extra-rocking take on "Bring the Good Boys Home." It was as close to a perfect way to spend a hot June evening in Chicago, for sure. 

Check out full setlists and more photos after the jump.

Gold Motel setlist: We're on the Run, Summer House, Leave You in Love, Slow Emergency, Who Will I be Tonight?, The Cruel One, Stealing the Moonlight, Make Me Stay, Fireworks After Midnight, Santa Cruz, Safe in LA, Perfect in My Mind, Cold Shoulders

The 1900s setlist: Jean Demon, Acutiplantar Dude, Zerkalo, Kidnap Runaway, Bmore, Lions Fur, Overreactin', Amulet, Sanzimat, Two Ways, Bring the Good Boys Home, Babies

* All photos by Frank Krolicki

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