Monday, May 16, 2011

Tonight: Three great Chicago bands for free at Empty Bottle

Posted by Frank Krolicki

So begins another week and another dose of unseasonably cold weather in Chicago. Fortunately, with it comes another lineup of solid live music options to make things better. Starting the week off is a very worthwhile show at the Empty Bottle tonight. Not only does it feature three genuinely great Windy City bands - Panda Riot, Michael Lux & the Bad Sons and Gypsyblood - it's totally free. There's really not a whole lot better in life than high quality rock and roll combined with free, so be sure to jump on this one. The show starts at 9:30. Here's a bit more info on all three bands:

Panda Riot's dreamy psych-pop gets a great deal of attention from Chicago indie music fans, and for good reason. Rebecca Scott's airy vocals combined with memorable, ethereal pop tunes makes for some pretty sweet ear-candy. Listen to their track "Motown Glass" below.
   Motown Glass by pandariot

Michael Lux and the Bad Sons simply rock. They rock in a very pure, classic sort of way - the kind that doesn't need any bells and whistles to sound impressive. There aren't enough bands like that around today, if you ask me. You find them once in a while, but they usually don't have the songs or the skill that the Bad Sons do. When I reviewed their debut EP Neat Repeater I used the words "The Replacements" as a reference point. That's a very good thing.

   Saturdays Boys by thebadsons

Gypsyblood also rock. The core of their sound is like alternative rock when alternative rock was at its most exciting (and that's not to say they don't sound fresh - they do). Their debut album Cold in the Guestway is well worth checking out. For a taste, check out "Take Your Picture" below and watch this video of them performing "2-4-6 In the Dark" live.

   Gypsyblood - Take Your Picture by TVD-Chicago


  1. Great lineup. Great price! I heard about Panda Riot and Gypsyblood when they were featured on a mixtape from (Tapes #001 & $004). I know you mentioned that project when it first launched in February, but it's worth repeating. The mixtapes have been "all killer, no filler" and I've learned about some great bands by subscribing. If WCR readers HAVEN'T subscribed yet, they're missing out.

  2. Definitely. Really cool how the Mixtape is helping to get more people familiar with these bands.