Friday, May 6, 2011

Gonzo Chicago Needs Your Help!

Posted by Andrew Hertzberg

For half a decade now, the good people at Gonzo Chicago fronted by John Yingling have been obsessively and compulsively documenting the Chicago music scene. Such extensive filming has its drawbacks however, primarily financially. That’s where you come in. Right now there is fundraiser on IndieGoGo to help get Gonzo the equipment they need. Microphones, cameras, editing equipment: all of it requires $$$, which is hard to come by in the DIY lifestyle. So here’s your chance to help out, and let these people continue to do what they do best. Check out previous footage from the Handsome Furs, the Hot Machines, and more on their vimeo page. Don't take my word for it though. Here's a video from John himself:

Still not enough for you? Ok, fine. Depending on how much you donate, you can get DVDs, Threadless Tees, a custom photo set / short film of a band of your choice, hell, even a Walkmen album that David Letterman used to clean fruit up from his desk. Every dollar over their $3500 goal will go to the non-profit CHIRP as well, so no need to stop donating once the mark is reached. Gotta hurry on this though: the goal has to be met by May 14th.  Ever the optimists however, there is already a celebratory show taking place at the Mutiny on Friday May 20th featuring Magic Milk, Tyler Jon Tyler, the Brothers Gross and Close Hits. With benefits, like this, every little bit counts, so please give anything you can and rest assured you helped out in documenting Chicago’s independent music history.

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