Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cinco de Mayo shows: Streets on Fire, Kevin Barnes

Posted by Andrew Hertzberg

So after destroying some tacos and multiple cans of Tecate or bottles of Sol on Cinco de Mayo, the last thing you probably want to think of doing is dancing to some loud, abrasive post-punk. Well, what if I told you that the loud, abrasive post-punk could be the Streets on Fire? And that it’s at all-too-hip Wicker Park hotspot Debonair? The folks over at music, style, and culture blog Stic of the Week are teaming up with the venue to bring you the first of Indie-Pendent Thursdays, which will feature live bands shouldering up with DJs in order to bridge the unexplainable gap that still exists between indie rock and dance clubs. Expect the band along with DJ Greg Corner and SotW DJs Lauren and Chelsea. The event is free with an RSVP on do312 or before 11 PM ($5 after, 21+). With future Indie-Pendents playing host to Gemini Club, Hey Champ and Blane Fonda, it's just another reason why Thursdays are Chicago’s favorite night of the week to go out.

Here’s a late night bonus: For those that can’t make it to either the Yacht or of Montreal show, you can at least catch after-party sets for both at one place. At Berlin, DJ Karate Kid Part 3, better known to the world as eccentric of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes, will be spinning what are sure to be some far out tunes. Jeffrey Jerusalem, after pounding drums for Yacht at the Metro, will perform his computer disco live.

God help the tamale man if he enters either one of these places.  

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