Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Show review: Football at Quenchers, 4/23

Posted by Andrew Hertzberg

(fan photo originally posted on facebook)
Uh oh! Penalty flags ahoy. A bit of encroachment following the Monday Night Football theme doesn’t start the set off with any forward progress, but the team quickly recovers from their fumble on second down. The set must have lasted all of 15 minutes, but it was high octane first-down-drives every possession. Lead singer / guitarist Jim McCann’s penetrating stare surveys the crowd as a quarterback analyzing the defensive secondary. His trademark excessively echoed vocals led the punk rock fury with fellow band members non-stop spinning, head-banging and general two point conversions all around. Oh, and it should definitely be mentioned that some star-glitter and cowbell found their way into the mix as well.

Does the band risk becoming gimmicky? Yes, but only insomuch to the extent that over-caffeinated blog writers attempt to throw in every last football pun they know into an article. But being in the position I am, I’ve got to make these posts more interesting than saying, you know, the show flat out fucking rocked. Which was just as true. Cheer Football on at their next home game on Sunday, May 29th at the Empty Bottle opening up for the Marked Men. Ever the busy man, you can catch Jered even sooner playing with Bare Mutant, which also features members of the 1900s, Mannequin Men, and Derek Nelson & the Musicians. They play with Tiger Bones on a FREE Monday night, May 2nd, at the Bottle as well.  

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