Monday, April 25, 2011

Show preview: Property of Saints at Abbey Pub, 4/27

Posted by Conor O’Hagan

This Wednesday, April 27th, sees Property of Saints return to the Abbey Pub ahead of the summer release of their debut EP. The band has been performing in various venues in and around Chicago since 2009, including the Elbo Room, Subterranean and Beat Kitchen.

The group began when Abby Large and Christie Batka met in their Punk & Politics class at DePaul University in Fall 2008. Within six months the two were housemates, busily bothering their neighbors with the crafting of their folk-influenced pop melodies. Marrying Abby’s ethereal vocals, introspective lyrics and floating guitar lines with Christie’s vibrant, rolling bass grooves, the pair began to cultivate a sound that was truly their own.

The recent addition of Carlos Zapata’s distinctive, flowing drumming style has only proven to enhance and amplify the pair’s unique style while bringing a new-found edge to the group’s already versatile sound.

The EP, which is yet to be named, will contain live favorites such as the intimate "77th Street" and the thought-provoking "Lazarus," as well as new songs yet to be performed live, such as "Eavesdroppers."

PoS play in a line-up featuring the enchanting piano of Natalie Grace Alford, indie rockers Audiences and the layered electronics of Nick Miller.

Tickets are available here. The band is also set to play the Elbo Room on May 12th and the Empty Bottle on May 31st.

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  1. This band is fabulous!! They continue to grow and expand their repetoire while never loosing their unique style and musical vision. They are well worth seeing!!