Monday, April 11, 2011

Show photos: Cults, Magic Kids, Superhumanoids at Empty Bottle, 4/7

Magic Kids
WCR contributing photographer Mary-Claire headed to the Empty Bottle last Thursday to check out Cults, Magic Kids and Superhumanoids. Despite the show being really poorly lit (and the resulting suspicion that Cults just might be vampires), she managed to get some nice shots. Take a look:


Magic Kids


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  1. I've been to worse lit shows. My pictures from a little point-and-shoot actually came out OK, and I was just about at the top of the steps. The only problem with the show was set times vs. set-up times. I expected pretty short sets, but waiting 30 minutes for a 25 minute set is kind of a let down. Otherwise, they all sounded good, and I'd look forward to seeing any of the three bands again.