Thursday, April 21, 2011

Are you ready for some Football?!?

Posted by Andrew Hertzberg

The recently pervasive term “indie supergroup” seems a bit of a misnomer, but it is really the only way to bill new band Football. If names like the Ponys, Baseball Furies, Hot Machines, Tight Phantomz, France Has the Bomb or A/V Murder do anything for you, then it’s definitely not too early to don that Bears jersey again. The band is comprised of Jim McCann, Jered Gummere, Mike Lust and R. Srini, all from at least one of the aforementioned bands. Although they made their official debut on the road at SXSW a month ago, the team’s first home game* is this Saturday April 23rd at Quenchers (9 PM, $5, 21+). Not much other info out there on this band yet, save for a couple YouTube videos, but early training camp reports** promise a hardcore, ass-kicking, post post-punk, loud as shit type of show. Local punk rockers Head of Skulls opens it up. 

*(pun stolen from the band’s Facebook page; if only I could be so clever)
**(but I think this one is original!)

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