Monday, March 7, 2011

Show review: Louis and The Hunt at Schubas, 3/3

By Conor O'Hagan

The only inkling I had as to what to expect from Louis and The Hunt at Schubas on Thursday night was the song "Footprints on a Bed," a teaser of things to come from their EP. That and the following sentence from Loud Loop Press: “Few people can say 'love sucks' as eloquently as Louis and the Hunt mastermind Ryne Estwing." I was immediately excited.

The modern folksy number shows controlled efforts from Estwing and is backed up by dreamy backing vocals and a host of composed musicians let the song writing do the work. The finished product is a folk-dream-pop soundscape that begins with whispers of promise and builds to a vibrant flurry of devotion - “It’s been for you, never for me, for me.”

Much was the same live.

The band emitted honesty and pride in a story in the same vein as the Decemberists, and had all the intimacy of a heartfelt solo performance with the strong and unobtrusive musicianship supporting Estwing. Sometimes jazzy, sometimes soulful, but ultimately composed and controlled. Their well-choreographed pop, infused with sweet indie and folk melodies, never failed to enchant the audience.

Looking back through my notebook was repetitive, but a joy to remind myself how much I enjoyed Louis and The Hunt live: “Soulful, meaningful, honest, heartfelt, perfectly balanced, powerful…”

Louis and the Hunt were supported by another Ryne Estwing band, Scattered Trees, and Violetness.


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