Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Show preview: Walk the Moon at Elbo Room, 3/11

Posted by Andrew

Cincinnati doesn’t strike me as a hotbed of musical potency. I really can’t think of one band off the top of my head from there. A brief Google search tells me the National, the Afghan Whigs and, um, 98 Degrees all have their roots in Cincy. So when I first heard the flying-through-the-stars grooves of "Anna Sun" by Walk the Moon, I wasn’t magically whisked away to the home of the Bengals and Reds. I certainly started head bobbing though, and the rest of my body was quickly infected with the of Montreal meets disco-Vampire Weekend beats.

“We got no money but we got heart / we’re going to rattle this ghost town,” lead singer Nicholas Petricca triumphs in what seems like a simultaneous homage and derision of their hometown. True, they’re trailing in the wake that bands like Franz Ferdinand and the Killers left dock with years ago. But if the concert is only a tenth as fun as the video makes them out to be, the show will still be worth it. Give these guys a nice Chicago welcome at the Elbo Room this Friday, March 11th. Giving support are West Coast pop rockers Rally for One, local indie/emo outfit Carbon Tigers and indie folkster BJSR.

Just to reiterate, you must check out the music video below. We even embedded it right here for you. If it’s not enough that people still put this much effort into music videos in the post-MTV age, at least enjoy the OK Go-esque creativity. 

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