Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New music from White Mystery

Posted by Frank

On April 20th everyone's favorite redheaded brother-sister garage rock duo, White Mystery, will follow-up their much lauded debut with sophomore record Blood & Venom. Thanks to Giant System, you can now get a sneak preview via a live performance of the title track. The tune is everything you would expect from White Mystery - noisy, raw and full of Alex White's howling vocals. See and hear for yourself below.

In other WM news, there is a very respectable movement going down on Facebook to get the duo a spot on "Conan" in 2011. I, for one, think it would be a perfect match. The Whites and Mr. O'Brien all have extra impressive firepower in the hair department, and are generally awesome. Join the group and champion the cause here.

030 White Mystery from Kyle Obriot on Vimeo.

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