Thursday, March 10, 2011

Free music from Tandem Shop

Posted by Conor

Some two-and-a-half months after that festive period, I discovered something that would have delighted me when it was first released. Free stuff. I love free stuff. But not only free stuff. This is a generous gift. This is a generous gift of music. Not only music, but new music. New Chicago music. Really good new Chicago music.

Tandem Shop is an independent record label from Chicago. With four acts currently on the label - Project Film, The Island of Misfit Toys, Mr. Bear and Honest Engines - it released a free download of eight songs under the name Happy Holidays from Tandem Shop!: Holiday Mix 2010. The songs give a great introduction to all four of the label’s Chicago bands, who are sure to have prominent futures in the local music scene.

Sure, I’m a little late, so let’s call it a St. Patrick’s Day gift instead. Happy Holidays!

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