Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tonight: The Cathy Santonies, Secret Colours & more

Posted by Andrew

The Cathy Santonies
Thursday has quickly become my favorite day of the week. I’m too impatient to wait for the conventional week’s end and there always seems to be more going on Thursday nights anyway. This week is no exception, with a couple of great shows to choose from tonight.

According to their online bio, the Cathy Santonies “are a subversive mix of riot grrrl & cock rock.” Really, I’m having difficulty coming up with a better description. I feel like sort of a rube that it took the Tribune to turn me on to these gals, but I’m sure glad they did. The Whistler should prove to be an interesting space for them to play; save the fancy cocktail for between sets because this is going to be a fist-in-air, guns-a-blazin’ good time. Get their EP I’m Yr Friend! I’m Yr Revolution! on their site for free. Opening the show is Memphis native, Minnesota transplant Gasoline Silver. With the a bit of blues from his birthplace mixed with the punk rock his new home is known for, you’ll definitely wanna make sure to get there early on this one. 21+, 9:30, FREE.

And in case you wanna check out another Tribune band to watch, local psych-poppers Secret Colours continue to dazzle and trip out minds, headlining an awesome bill at the Empty Bottle. Opening up are two bands we’ve featured a few times on our site, Panda Riot and Calm Palm Vapor, along with Young Circles, who’s far out weirdness is just finally making its way to my ears. Don’t let the Miami homebase fool you. The music sounds like a decaying London tower block, a garage fuzz from another planet. Definitely get into these guys. 21+, 9:30, $8.

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