Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowmageddon 2011 preview: Glittermouse, Rabble Rabble and more

Posted by Andrew

So apparently there’s some bigass blizzard hitting our city over these next couple of days. I don’t know nothing about it, and apparently neither do the good people over at Betta Promotions, who are keeping at what they do best: hosting free shows. This Thursday you've got two options to combat the snow with some good tunes. 

There’s going to be quite a wide array of bands playing Lincoln Hall, exemplifying the diverse indie scene in Chicago. Opening the show is Pet Peeve, fronted by Romanian born Lorian Toth, who makes no attempt to hide his Eastern European roots. At times they are as aggressive and upbeat as Gogol Bordello, but their Americana and alt-country side means they wouldn’t be out of place on a bill with locals Dastardly. Playing second are Color Radio, whose opening notes to "Newest News" off of their Be Safe, Beware EP evoke the likes of Appleseed Cast before breaking into cathartic guitar-based post-rock dynamics, without the long-windedness of Explosions in the Sky. Headlining the night is Glittermouse, who have been keeping more than busy bringing their brand of arena-sized power-pop to your ears. Grab a free EP off their website now and expect more in the coming months. 

If you’re looking to get a bit more rowdy on Thursday, it looks like Empty Bottle is the place for you. An online RSVP gives you three great Midwest bands to behold for no money down. Three-piece Wishgift starts off the fuzzed out punk rock night, and conjure up the Dictators if they had knowledge of jazz or cared to know about prog-rock. Up second is Indianapolis' Learner Dancer, celebrating the release of their debut album Drop Out on Commune Records. Do your best not to fall into a trance and under their spell when they spit out repetitive fuzzy drone grooves. Closing the show are Chicago mainstays Rabble Rabble, who you should probably be familiar with by now. They add the psychedelic into the night’s veritable cake of noise, but with a flare of emergency and danger; definitely the best way to fight the snow is with fire, which these guys are accustomed to playing with. Don’t let the blizzard win. Besides, you probably forgot to pay your heating bill anyway. Get to one of these shows and warm up with through audible vibes and keep giving these bands and Betta the support they deserve.

(Of course, make sure to check the venue websites/twitter/facebook just in case of show cancellations)

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