Friday, February 4, 2011

Post-Snowpocalyptic weekend show preview

Posted by Andrew

(photo: Chicago Tribune)
So you finally realized it’s safe to leave the house. The world still exists and despite a continuous stream of natural calamities and political unrest flooding your Twitter feed, you want to take in the best of how contemporary musicians are dealing with the condition of man. And free being that you are, you recognize you have choices and are subsequently defined by the choices you make. Perhaps your choice was to procrastinate and fail to purchase a ticket for the now sold out Decemberists show at the Riv. Maybe Yo La Tengo’s spin-the-wheel concept is too far out for you. No worries. There are plenty of other fantastic options for the weekend. Check ‘em (WARNING: Lots of things to click on up ahead, try to remain calm):

Friday, February 4th:
  • Luster is hosting a record release show at the Beat Kitchen before hitting the road for a bit with their heartbreaking balladry. Twin Tigers open with their Athens, GA blend of garage/shoegaze.
  • It doesn’t take the promo pics of the Moondoggies gentlemen all dressed in flannel to let you know they hail from the same home as Band of Horses and Fleet Foxes: the music does the talking. Catch their sweet harmonies at the Hideout.
  • Get down with the swagger of Tin Tin Can at the Viaduct Theater. Opening the show is Distractions, who I am placing at the top of my list for next Chicago band to get national attention. They’re reminiscent of a wide variety of laid back 60s sounds (r&b, lounge, girl-group) without sounding derivative. Catch ‘em local while you still can.
Saturday, February 5th:
  • I can’t stress enough how awesome Shapers are live. Hideout goes 2/2 this weekend hosting the kraut/noise psychedelics, supported by Roommate.
Sunday, February 6th:
  • Really? Can it be possible? You're damn right the Hideout goes three for three this weekend, with what’s certainly going to beat anything the NFL happens to come up with that night. Local jazz great Fred Lonberg-Holm recruits Joan of Arc as his Lightbox Orchestra, conducting them with, well, a lightbox. No Bears, so you shouldn’t care about the Super Bowl anyway.
  • But, just in case you do actually care about the game, you might as well do something different. The Empty Bottle is hosting a potluck dinner (free entry if you bring a dish), a view of the game on their projector, followed by a live set from Cooler by the Lake and karaoke afterward.

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