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Interview: Emblems

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Chicago's Emblems play a moody, swirling, heavily orchestrated style of indie-folk that captivates upon first listen. It's a sound that so far you can only hear via a handful of tracks, but expect much more soon; the quintet are currently in the studio preparing a new record planned for release this spring. They also have two shows coming up: April 17th at the House Cafe in Dekalb with The Spring Standards and April 22nd at the Viaduct Theater with Young Jesus and Verona Red.

Emblems' Matthew Stevens, Steph Popoca and Luke Mowcomber recently took some time out from recording to answer a few questions for WCR. Read on to find out what they had to say and keep an eye out for more details on their upcoming release.

WCR: First off, give us a bit of background on Emblems.

Matthew: Emblems came together when I decided that I wanted to start something refreshing. I wanted to create a band with multiple influences instead of pertaining to a particular style. Our wide variety of influences between members definitely makes this band unique. Emblems has good amount of instrumentation, as well. 

So far the band has released a handful of songs, including an EP and a single. Tell us about the one Emblems track to date that you're most proud of or most want people to hear.

Matthew: We have been told that "Rotten Woods" is a favorite. We want people to hear it because it is an introduction to our variety.

Are there any common themes people can hear running through your music? What inspires the songwriting?

Matthew: There will always be an organic sound and an ongoing theme of nature in our music. There are many inspirations when it comes to the writing of songs.

You recently headed into the studio to record a new release. What can you tell us about it? Is there a particular sound or vibe you're hoping to get out of the session?

Matthew: We are hoping to capture our live show energy in this new release.

Steph: Our goal is to get people moving.

What's an Emblems live show like?

Matthew: An Emblems show is intimate.

Steph: One thing we try to do at every show is to get to know all the bands we are sharing the stage with. It’s something we have found to be rewarding.

Favorite live show so far?

Matthew: Our favorite show to date would have to be Mother’s Day of last year. We played at The House Cafe in Dekalb and got to perform with Matt Pond PA. When starting this project, I decided to use the name from mpPA’s 2004 release, Emblems. Matt stood in front of the stage as we played and commented on our peformance after our set. I think having the chance to perform alongside one of your favorite musicians is truly rewarding in itself. 

Strangest or most random experience as a band so far?

Matthew: While wrapping up an expensive adventure this past summer, we were staying at a hotel in Macomb, IL, walking around the courtyard, when a heavy raccoon came out of nowhere almost knocking Steph and I over. Random as hell.

Besides making your new record, what would you like to see Emblems accomplish this year? Any particular places you'd like to play or bands you'd like to share the stage with?

Luke: We’re thinking about touring the east coast this summer. It would be an amazing experience to play with a variety of other groups and just get a chance to mesh on the road.


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