Friday, January 21, 2011

This weekend: Psych Fest at the Hideout

Posted by Andrew

Is it just me or does Chicago have a strong and growing psychedelic scene? I’ve noticed this more and more over the past year and part of its ubiquity has to be due to the Chicago Metaphysical Circus. The self-described “child’s guide to the Chicago psychedelic community” supports the scene by setting up shows and events that give psych related artists an outlet to perform. Of course, the term psychedelic is as vague and sprawling as the music described as such, which allows for a diverse set of bands ranging from rock to jazz influences as well. The CMC hosts shows throughout the year, often in more underground spots. But this weekend the CMC-curated Psych Fest returns to the Hideout for its second installment, upgraded from one night to two. Bands featured include locals Verma, Plastic Crimewave Sound and the Great Society Mind Destroyers (also the originators of CMC) as well psych outfits from around the Midwest. With band names like Mondo Drag and Thunderbolt Pagoda, it’s sure to be a tripped out, fucked up good time.

All the info you need for the weekend can be found below.

$15 for weekend pass

Friday, January 21st/8 p.m./$10

Mondo Drag (Davenport, Iowa)
Catacombz (Milwaukee, WI)
The Great Society Mind Destroyers
Plastic Crimewave Sound
Dead Luke (Madison, WI)
El is a Sound of Joy

Saturday, January 22nd/7 p.m./$10

Moonstone Continuum (Minneapolis,MN)
Thunderbolt Pagoda (Minneapolis,MN)
Dark Fog
Black Wyrm Seed

Tickets are still available through TicketFly. Keep in mind Psych Fest sold out last year in the same space so don't wait til the last minute on these. Although they do have a blog and Myspace, it looks like the best way to stay up to date with the CMC is through their Facebook page. Give ‘em a “like” and stay connected throughout what’s already shaping up to be a psychedelic 2011.  

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