Thursday, January 20, 2011

New track from Brice Woodall

Posted by Sasha

It's a shame the holidays are over already, because the track below, one of the latest from D.I.Y. folktronica artist Brice Woodall, would have fit perfectly on my yuletide playlist. Nevertheless, this charming instrumental should help get you through the dreary months of winter that remain. I understand that Mr. Woodall has a new record in the works, and this song seems to be an indicator of good things to come. Enjoy.

Niiice by Brice Woodall


  1. As usual, visionary artistry of the highest order!

  2. Thanks T.A. Zook. I'm also putting up our (Brice & the Positrons) set from Abbey Road Studio one song at a time for free download. Just check my site Free shit yo.