Monday, December 13, 2010

Video: 'Labor of Love: Beats and Blogs'

Posted by Frank

Are you pumped and ready for Saturday's "Beats and Blogs" show at Subterranean featuring White Mystery, Hollows, Rabble Rabble and Radar Eyes? It's less than a week away so make sure to get yourself in prime rocking condition. In the meantime, check out this brand new video including many of the Chicago music bloggers who have joined forces to get the word out about the show and to generally promote the stellar local music scene. Basically, a bunch of cool people from cool sites (plus one lame dude from this site) talking about what they do and why they love doing it.  Have a look below and don't forget to grab your tickets for 12/18!

'Labor of Love; Beats and Blogs' from SFVideo Productions on Vimeo.


  1. We had a lot of fun last night, sorry for all of those who missed the christmas bags. Frank, we hope Andy gave you one! :D


  2. Hey Ivan. Christmas bags? What's this about Christmas bags?