Friday, December 10, 2010

Show preview: Automata at Pancho's, 12/11

Posted by Andrew

Photo Credit: Jeroen Vranken
The aim of some bands is to be a part of a specific genre, to perpetuate the sounds of their influences and to solidify their own place in the scene. Other bands funnel their myriad of influences to create their own sound; familiar but with enough of a twist to stamp their own name on it. It is in the latter category that we find Automata. Initial listens might peg the band as left field reggae or dancehall, but further spins prove this is a band with a multiple track mind. To put it into RIYL terms, consider if Beth Gibbons ever did a side project with Bill Laswell with Ghost Town era Specials providing the rhythm section. Their debut EP Microcosm (up for FREE on their Bandcamp) is certainly slow groove heavy. A cinematic texture presents itself but this is no background soundtrack: Rachel Thomas’ vocals are too demanding not to pay attention. Album highlight ‘Give and Take’ provides an interesting take on gospel halfway through the song. Instrumental breakdowns avoid post-rock monotony while still retaining a dynamic and unpredictable process.

Catch Automata at Ronnie's replacement, Panchos, tomorrow night (21+, $5, 9:00). Electro pop-wavers the New Loud make the trip down from Milwaukee to open. In case I’m not convincing enough, read this Mexican blog's review of the album as part of their year-end list. And really, how many internationally renowned acts do you know that get to play Panchos?

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