Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New record label kicks off in Chicago

Posted by Frank

Chicago music lovers, welcome Audio Tree, the city’s newest record label.

The indie label has positioned itself as having a unique approach in dealing with artists, with an emphasis on preserving and promoting each musician's vision. As described in a press announcement this week, “Their mission is to work with artists from various backgrounds to push good music to the forefront where it belongs. Empowered by various partners within the music scene, Audio Tree is able to provide their artists with an extensive network of resources to assist them on their journey, as well as provide them with a hands-on approach and independent feel.”

Audio Tree will not only function as a label, it will also host live sessions with artists and stream them via its website every Wednesday. A handful of sessions are already live, and this week's installment will feature The Shams Band.

Click here to learn more about Audio Tree.

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  1. Cool to learn about this label. Their website is pretty sweet. Really dig the live audio streams with pics.