Sunday, October 3, 2010

Video: Secret Colours - 'Popstar'

Posted by Frank

A short while ago WCR's own Susan gave her take on the self-titled debut album from Chicago's Secret Colours, which honed in on the band's sound nicely with words such as "trippy," "hazy" and "psychedelic." Now, the five-piece have turned one of the songs, "Popstar," into a very cool music video that definitely lives up to those descriptors. From running colors to random floating objects to fast/slow motion, this is heavy stuff, man. See for yourself below.

Also, don't forget to grab a free download of the band's cover of "Tomorrow Never Knows" by The Beatles, which offers up a pretty sweet take on the classic song.

To take in the trippiness live, make a note to check out Secret Colours at one of their upcoming shows, including Sunday, October 17 at Mayne Stage, Friday, November 12 at Subterranean and Monday, December 13 at the Empty Bottle.

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