Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tonight: The Postelles at Hideout

Posted by Bobby

It has been a while since the last album from the Strokes - a long while. And while their orphaned leather-clad children stumble from surf rock band to surf rock band, the Strokes are up in their New York City tower concocting a fourth studio album. But that's not all they've been doing. Take Albert Hammond Jr., who has been producing the Postelles, the newest young talented New York City prodigies of cool. If you like Sam Cooke, Buddy Holly and also Miller High Life, then maybe you should be at the Hideout tonight, October 23, where the Postelles will be performing as part of the excellent Life During Wartime lineup.

9 p.m., folks. $8. It should be remembered that sometimes out of the froth-filled mouth that is the indie rock hype machine, great music sometimes spills forth.

Here's the video for the single "White Night":

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