Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chicago's Joe Pug is tired of bandits

Posted by Bobby

Photo: Todd Roeth
Chicago folk musician Joe Pug continues to be supremely cool. Chicagoist reports that after Pug blogged about a negative ticket buying experience where he stated, "The actual price was nearly double the face of the ticket. Half of my money was going to the band I loved, the other half to horse-thieves," he decided to do something about it. The singer-songwriter has announced a "$10 tour" including 22 shows with almost all tickets priced at 10 bucks and the least amount of fees or additional charges possible.

Pug, who is not the size and scope of artist who can readily afford philanthropy, makes a pretty cool statement and shows that he has a sincere appreciation for his fans, who can catch him locally at Metro on Saturday, October 16. According to Chicagoist, he was able to offer 50 zero fee $10 tickets for that show directly through his site. After they quickly sold out, he was able to put a new batch of tickets up for sale. It would be great to see fans sell out the show, especially knowing that Pug has their backs and has proven that artists can be as frustrated with costly, fee-loaded tickets as they are.

MP3: Joe Pug - "Nation of Heat"

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