Saturday, August 21, 2010

Show review: Tokyo Police Club at Metro, 8/20

By Mike Sullivan

Tokyo Police Club wrapped up their summer tour Friday night at Metro, and an energetic crowd welcomed them at the historic venue.

The night started out with another band out of Canada, the Arkells. This five-piece group from Hamilton belted out their soul-rock flavored tracks. The band only has one album under their belt, Jackson Square, which was originally recorded in 2008. You would think they would grow weary of playing the same 11 tracks over and over, but they played them just like it was the first time performing them live. So much energy and enthusiasm came out of every single member, and the crowd definitely responded.

Next up on the bill was Freelance Whales. This eclectic group comes from Queens. As I stood in the pit watching the stagehands bring out their instruments, I wasn’t sure what I was about to hear. There were your usual drums, guitar and bass, but also banjos, synthesizers, a waterphone, a glockenspiel, some strange accordion box called a harmonium and even a watering can. (yes, watering can!) Needless to say, once they started, I see how it all came together. Their harmonic melodies and story telling lyrics really captured the crowd. They emit a vibe while playing that makes you feel good inside. They are one band that deserves a second look.

Finally, it was time for Tokyo Police Club to take the stage. The stage looked so empty after all the instruments from Freelance Whales were cleared away. TPC came out of the gates with "Favorite Color," "Nature of the Experiment" The capacity crowd immediately began singing and clapping along. With all that energy comes the nasty heat and humidity that always finds its way into these smaller venues. The intense stage lights reflected off of everyone’s sweat glazed skin. They performed a large portion of their catalog right off the bat without even taking a moment to catch their breath. They established a tempo right away, and wanted to keep it going all night without any lulls. For this being their last show on this leg of the tour, they still sounded really fresh and full of energy. 

Tokyo Police Club's setlist consisted of: Favorite Color, Nature Of The Experiment, Graves, Top 5, End of a Spark, In a Cave, Tessellate, Hands Reversed, Big Difference, Not Sick, Be Good, Bambi, Favorite Food, Gone, Citizens of Tomorrow, Breakneck Speed, Wait Up (Boots of Danger), Your English Is Good.

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  1. I was in town from Toronto and have to say, the venue was great, the people were awesome and freelance whales were the best surprise I've had in a long time. Thanks Chicago for a great time!

  2. Thanks for the comment - glad you enjoyed your concert experience while in Chicago!

  3. Freelance Whales definitely sounds like a pretty amazing live experience! The only time I've seen a harmonium is in Punch Drunk Love. It looked like a little piano.