Monday, August 9, 2010

Lollapalooza 2010 day three: Company of Thieves, Freelance Whales

Genevieve Schatz of Company of Thieves at Lolla (photo: Windy City Roc
It can be pretty tough to decide what to see on any given day of Lollapalooza, but I always make it a point to highlight Chicago-based bands when marking up my schedule. This year, I made sure to check out not only Skybox on Saturday (more on that here), but also Company of Thieves on Sunday.

While I was very familiar with the band from their debut album, Ordinary Riches, and even did a Q&A with guitarist Marc Walloch right here on WCR, I had never seen them live before their set at the fest. I was very impressed. Frontwoman Genevieve Schatz was one of the most dynamic, compelling performers I saw all weekend - with one of the best voices - and the band had a bite and an edge that hasn't been as prominent on their recorded material.

Highlights of the set included their most notable song, "Oscar Wilde," as well as material Schatz introduced as being from the band's soon-to-be-released sophomore album. "Queen of Hearts" was an emotionally hard hitting song with an excellent chorus that really showcased Schatz's vocals, while "Gorgeous Grotesque" - an environmentally themed song - engrossed with a dark, slightly menacing vibe. The band had a sizable crowd and did their home city proud.

Freelance Whales at Lollapalooza (photo: Windy City Rock)
Later, I stopped by the BMI stage to check out New York-based experimental folk-pop act Freelance Whales. The band's style was hard to pin down, but overall they had a light, pleasant sound that was great for taking a chill-out break in the shade of the area by the stage. For my tastes, their songs were a bit too sleepy and hard to grasp on to, but they certainly came off as a talented group of musicians who many people seemed to find an enjoyable addition to their Sunday afternoon at the fest.

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Company of Thieves

Freelance Whales

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