Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Local H, Scott Lucas & the Married Men to release EPs this Fall

Posted by Frank

Long-time Chicago rocker Scott Lucas will release two EPs this Fall - one with his tried-and-true band Local H and one with his solo project, Scott Lucas and the Married Men.

The Local H EP, dubbed Local H's Awesome Mix Tape #1 and out on October 19, will consist of recorded cover versions of songs the alt/hard rock duo have often incorporated into their live sets. Since playing their first show nearly 20 years ago, they have covered everyone from Guided By Voices to Britney Spears. For their first recorded collection of covers they decided on the following track list:

1. Wolf Like Me (TV on the Radio)
2. Joey (Concrete Blonde)
3. Puss (The Jesus Lizard)
4. Spiderbite (Winnebago Deal)
5. Blood Stains (Agent Orange)
6. Time (Pink Floyd)
7. For Lovers (Wolfman)

"We've always done covers live," said Lucas in a press release announcing the EP. "It's just fun for us. Period. We never do songs as a joke. Every cover we've ever done is a song that we love. And that goes for Britney, too."

Coinciding with this release is The Absolute Beginners EP, also out October 19 from Scott Lucas and the Married Men. The four-song EP marks the band's second recording and includes two covers - "Absolute Beginners" by David Bowie and "Hey, Rita" by Local H - as well "Crosshairs" and "Last One," two re-recorded original tracks that originally appeared on their debut, George Lassos The Moon.

"We recorded this EP the day after we returned from our first tour," Lucas explained in the press release. "When we recorded the first record, we hadn't been together for more than a month. Some of us barely knew the songs. I wanted to capture the band after it had been on the road. To see how the dynamic had changed. There's more energy. It's been great to watch this band grow. It makes me really excited for the next album."

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