Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Check this out: Dr. Manhattan

Posted by Bobby

Last night at the Empty Bottle's always enjoyable and perfectly-priced Free Music Monday, I was exposed to the catastrophic atomic energy that is
Dr. Manhattan. I was quietly drinking a French Country Ale in a corner when these four fellas, two of them brothers, began to rain down some furious mixture of funk and scuzz and Lord knows what. And then there was dancing. They were dancing, too. In fact, they were occasionally so overwhelmed with the desire to dance that they had to loop their instruments in order to set them aside and get to it. It didn't appear to me that many in the Bottle last night were familiar with Dr. Manhattan (also, sweet that they are named after a comic book character), but everyone was dancing. I plan on catching up with the four suburban young men soon, so look for an interview. But for now be sure to check out their music. And for those out there who are both music and comic nerds, well, they were as urgent and freaky as a two story swing electric penis.

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