Monday, August 30, 2010

Cee-Lo's choice words, Chicago's inspiration?

Posted by Bobby

Making its way around the blog circuit the past two weeks has been the excellent new single, "Fuck You," from Cee-Lo Green. It has caused quite a stir for, well, obvious reasons. However, if you've ever been heartbroken, it may be the sincere poetic distillation of sentiment you have always searched for. To me, the aggression in the lyrics is compositionally beautiful in that it establishes a very effective dichotomy between the upbeat feel of the song and what is being sung. In other words, I think it's fucking awesome. As for what it has to do with Chicago, you can one-up your other hip friends by talking about how the song seems to have sampled from "Saturday in the Park," the 1972 hit from Windy City-based band Chicago. breaks it down here, comparing an instrumental version of the new track with the old Chicago tune. Hear the similarities?

So for all of you who agree with me about the undisputed artistry of this tune, you can enjoy the idea that if there were no summer in Chicago the city, then no Chicago the band would have written about it, there would be no "Saturday in the Park" for Cee-Lo to sample, and no smile from ear to ear on all those enjoying this late summer jam.

And if you disagree with me, well, do I really have to say it?

Video: Cee-Lo Green - "Fuck You"

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  1. That bass line during the bridge is fire!!!