Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Photo slideshow: Pitchfork Music Festival 2010

Posted by Susan Schomburg

Here We Go Magic performing at Pitchfork Fest

What a festival! For those of you going through live music withdrawal or already wishing for Pitchfork 2011, I have one final treat for you: a brief photo slideshow of some of the festival highlights. Whether you enjoyed the bombastic energy of a good show or just delight in live music well played, the festival delivered something for everybody to enjoy (even if it bordered on too mellow at times). And because the festival experience is more than just the people on the stage (even if some of them--Michael Showalter, I'm talking to you--gave up on their own sets), there are a few shots of people and sights you may recall from the festival, like the guy who lit a cigarette while crowd-surfing during Neon Indian's Sunday evening set, or people trying to find a way back home after the fest.

Enjoy the (complete) local trip down memory lane here.

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