Thursday, July 22, 2010

Check this out: The Switchboard Sessions blog

Posted by Frank

Recently I came across The Switchboard Sessions, an excellent blog that spotlights bands in a truly unique way, inviting them to record songs over a landline telephone to be posted along with extremely thoughtful, thorough write-ups by the site's Chicago-based founder Dane Erbach. The muted, primitive nature of these phone recordings gives off a really cool, nostalgic vibe, like listening to some long-lost, long-forgotten pieces of music dug up in a dusty old attic. Not only does the site's phone-recording concept give it an original spin, the writing is notably insightful and informative, really getting down to the heart and soul of the artists and their work. Click here to learn more about Dane and the site.

Chicago indie rock favorites Kid, You'll Move Mountains were the subject of the latest session. The band recorded two songs for the site, a version of their own "No Applause," the closing track from their LP Loomings, as well as a cover of the Queen track "Nevermore" from the 1974 album Queen II. Two members of the band, Jim Hanke and Nina Lanthrum, feature on the tracks and deliver two really captivating little recordings. For more on the band, check out our Q&A with Jim from last fall.

Other bands featured on The Switchboard Sessions to date include Everyone Everywhere, Murder by Death and Heartsounds, to name a few. I know I'll be keeping an eye on the site to see who shows up next, and I hope you'll stop over there, have a look around and check back often.

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