Monday, June 14, 2010

Video: The Dirty Diamonds - 'The Right Direction'

Anything that attempts to get my attention by introducing itself as sounding like what would happen "if Iggy Pop and the Shangri-Las had somehow found a way to get together and play" will more than likely succeed. As was the case with an e-mail introducing Chicago's The Dirty Diamonds, who recently released their second EP, Monster Ballads (I know what you're thinking and no, nothing on it sounds like Skid Row's "I Remember You"). You can download the EP here.

I personally hear more Shangri-Las than Iggy here, with some Ronnie Spector thrown, all wrapped up in shiny, modern, funky packaging. Think Amy Winehouse, only without the whole off-putting "train wreck" thing. I dig.

Check out the video for one of the EP's songs, "The Right Direction," below, which they claim pays homage to Sonic Youth, Kenneth Anger and Sum 41's "Fat Lip." If you like what you hear/see, check out the band live on Saturday, July 3 at Lincoln Hall with The Heavy.

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