Monday, June 7, 2010

Free LP from Chicago's Tyranny of Dave

Regular readers might remember that we recently posted a great tune from Chicago-based Americana/alternative songwriter Dave Wechsler (a.k.a Tyranny of Dave) called "The Greatest Generation." Influenced by The Talking Heads' "Naive Melody" and described by Wechsler as "the most danceable song ever written about the collapse of the WTC," it definitely piqued our interest for more. Now, he has released the full album the song came from, The Decline of America Part One: The Bush Years, for free download via Bandcamp.

Described as "A musical travelogue through the Bush Years, from the fall of the WTC to the financial crisis," the LP's 12 songs deal not only with the political events of recent years, but also Wechsler's personal life over that time period.

From the press release for the record:

"When G.W. Bush got elected, Dave Wechsler was newly married, happily employed, had a critically acclaimed band, Pi├▒ataland, and was generally living the life he wanted to be living. By 2009, he was divorced, unemployed, had tenuous connections with the band, and was generally moping about his Chicago apartment without doing much of anything at all. The Decline of America Part One: The Bush Years is his chronicle of those years, meshing his personal failures of the aughts with the decade╩╝s political strife."

Grab the record here!

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