Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Record review: Model Stranger - 'Dreams & Bones'

Dreams & Bones, the new record from Chicago indie trio Model Stranger, comes in like a storm and doesn't let up throughout its nine tracks of fiery, driving rock 'n' roll. Vocalist/guitarist Stephen Francis, bassist Kevin James and drummer Vincent Joseph clearly set out to craft a sound cemented in the rawness and passion of the classic rock and old school psychedelic bands they no doubt cite as influences. They recorded the album live to analog, and as a result it has an organic, open sound that lends itself perfectly to the 60s and 70s rock leanings of the material. At the same time this stuff manages to sound incredibly fresh and exciting, from the moody, catchy "You Only" and "Fire Fire" to the rollicking "She Don't" to the intense, mesmerizing "Eyes Half Open." The band clearly give these songs everything they've got, and it would be tough to come across as any more invested or more genuinely passionate than these guys do on Dreams & Bones.

Download mp3: "She Don't"

The album is available directly from Model Stranger here, and check out the video below for a closer look from the band into the making of the music. To catch them live, head to Double Door on Tuesday, May 25 to see them play a show to benefit Haiti. Also on the bill are The Sweeps, The Outbreaks, Jackpot Donnie and On the Run. The show starts at 9 p.m. and costs $7 (tickets here).


  1. I love these guys. The new album kicks ass!

  2. Hey Fat Dave is in the video near the beginning!!!! He's awesome and has the sickest recording gear!

  3. Yes sir. Fat Dave is awesome and apparently a legend!