Monday, February 8, 2010

Hum to play Memorial Day show in Millennium Park

Although not yet officially confirmed, Internet buzz from a few different sources suggests that cult Champaign, IL-formed space-rockers Hum will reunite for a show on Memorial Day, May 31, in Chicago's Millennium Park. Since ceasing to be an active band in 2000, the four-piece have gotten back together only periodically to play a handful of shows, last appearing on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day 2009 for gigs at Double Door.

Check out the following sites for more information:

Facebook event page

h-u-m Twitter


  1. YES!!! Hopefully this will lead to them finally recording another album. (Wishful thinking)

  2. They just better Rock out! I know they will. I would love to hear a steady stream of Electra 2000 (Shovel, Pewter, Diffuse). But, I'd also like to hear some NEW stuff too!!! They have had 10 years to dink around ... We need more HUM!!! Me and my friend will travel a combined 2500 miles to see you guys, for our first time!!! Will anyone be recording this concert???