Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tell Lollapalooza who should play in 2010

From now until November 10, Lollapalooza is asking fans to "be the booking agent" and submit the top five artists they'd like to play the fest in 2010, slated for August 6-8. There's no limitations - they're asking for suggestions that span "monster headliners to bands we’ve never even heard of -- from rock to avant-garde, indie to hip-hop, and all the sounds in between." The form also asks participants for any other suggestions, so now's the time to speak up here. Don't forget to include your favorite Chicago-based indie acts, who could always use a stronger presence on the bill.

What do you think? Who do you most want to see in the 2010 lineup?


  1. Nice idea but I find it hard to believe they're actually going to take anybody's comments into account. Seems more like a PR thing.

  2. Adam Ashbach is a clear choice