Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Chicago music: The Black Tape

Proudly wearing a fondness for 60s guitar pop a la The Zombies, The Byrds and early Beatles on their sleeves, The Black Tape are a recently-formed Chicago four-piece already working hard to put their stamp on the scene. In just a few months the band have played a handful of shows around the city (with three more already lined up) and have uploaded four demo tracks for preview on their MySpace site. The songs are an impressive introduction, completely sidestepping any of the gimmicks or pretense of modern day indie rock in favor of timeless, heartfelt power pop that's well-written and well-performed. The highlight, "I Love You" - with its "Be My Baby" drum intro, 60s girl group melody and shimmering guitar - is irresistible, wide-eyed musical candy through and through. "Sunday" is nearly as addictive, bringing to mind Marshall Crenshaw and Matthew Sweet at their most upbeat and pop-minded. The lengthy, low-key "Everytime I Stop to Breathe," although an admirable effort, is the closest the band comes to sounding uninspired, but all is put back on track with the spirited melodic rocker "Summertime." Off the strength of these songs alone it's apparent The Black Tape have a great thing going on, and anyone with a soft spot for hooky, melodic guitar pop would do well to give them a listen.

Download Mp3: The Black Tape - "I Love You"

The Black Tape are Rashid Lamarre (vocals/guitar), Kyle Hartman (guitar), Ryan Staples (bass), and Jamie Mcgaw (drums). Check out the band live at one of their three upcoming shows: The Underground Lounge on December 5, Subterranean on December 16 and Phyllis's Musical Inn on January 21.

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