Saturday, September 12, 2009

From Bach to doom metal: A friend's profile of Chicago musician Rachel Barton Pine

Rachel Barton Pine (photo by Andrew Eccles)

One of my fellow writers, Mona Molarsky, has just published an excellent profile piece on Chicago-based violinist Rachel Barton Pine. Pine is best known for performing classical music, but she also contributes her talents to local metal band Earthen Grave.

Many also remember the musician's near-fatal 1995 Metra accident, when at 20-years-old she was caught in a train's closing doors, dragged and thrown under the wheels, resulting in the loss of her lower left leg.

Now 34, Pine is about to make her New York solo debut, has recently released an album with Earthen Grave and is about to release a new solo CD of classical material.

“Heavy metal is very close to classical music,” Pine states in the interview. “It has a lot of rhythmic and harmonic complexity. And some of the best metal musicians love classical. A few weeks ago I was hanging out with Dave Lombardo, the drummer from Slayer, and he told me he’s really into Chopin and Vivaldi. He listens to them on his iPod.”

Click here to check out the full article.

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