Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Free mp3: Brendan Benson - 'A Whole Lot Better'


Much-loved singer-songwriter and Raconteurs member Brendan Benson is about to release his fourth solo album, My Old, Familiar Friend, on August 18, and Amazon MP3 is currently offering a free download of the LP’s leadoff track, “A Whole Lot Better.”

Anyone who loved Benson’s last solo effort, 2005’s The Alternative to Love, should be pleased with the new tune, which brings the hook-filled power pop of that record back in full force. No disrespect to his work with The Raconteurs, but in my opinion this side of him is a whole lot better, indeed.

You can also currently stream the entire album at npr.org.

Benson is coming to Chicago to promote the new record with a show at Schubas on August 20, but it's unfortunately already sold out.


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