Thursday, April 2, 2009

Windy City Twitter: Chicago bands who tweet

By now there's a good chance you've caught the Twitter bug, and if you're anything like me you probably spend more time than you should tweeting, re-tweeting, twitpic-ing and generally being a social media geek. If you haven't, you're missing out on another highly addictive way to play around on the Internet (and come on, you know you need more of those). A while ago, I wrote about my plunge into the land of tweets and how using Twitter could be a good way for bands to self-promote. Since then, tweeting has gotten even more popular and many more local bands have joined in on the fun.

Below is a rundown of some Twitter-friendly Chicago bands and musicians. Follow them to get to know them and keep up with news of their music, and while you're at it don't forget to follow me @chicagorock.

Chicago rock musicians on Twitter:

Andrew Bird - The renowned singer-songwriter's tweets aren't interactive, but offer regular updates.

Aviary Ghost - "Conjures a breadth of American music, from bar room sing-alongs, jazz, folk, even cabaret."

Big Sky Stringband - "Midwest touring jamband."

Blane Fonda - New band featuring former members of The Sapiens.

Calvin Marty and the Sunken Ship - Dramatic folk-rock.

Cheap Trick - The classic power pop/rock band's account looks relatively new and so far includes a few updates.

Company of Thieves - Soulful, catchy pop/rock.

FiVe 0 SiX - Blend of funk, soul, traditional rock, heavy metal, and hip hop.

Helicopters - Electro-infused indie pop. CD review here.

Hello Dave - "Chicago twang." Blend of rock, pop, folk and blues.

I Fight Dragons - Catchy rock that incorporates NES video game noises. CD review here.

Jackpot Donnie - "High-energy rock/reggae." CD review here.

Jonny Rumble - Punk-influenced pop/rock.

Keith and the Complications - "Hard soul."

King Sparrow - Driving, gritty-yet-melodic rock. Q&A here.

Lost Cartographers - " band. Think Wilco + Cowboy Junkies."

Loyal Divide - Mix of experimental, electronic and psychedelic sounds.

Mannequin Men - Loud and reckless rock 'n' roll.

Mr. Russia - "Bastard offspring of Iggy Pop and The White Stripes."

My Gold Mask - Two-piece that makes "extrinsic pop within a minimalist context."

Overman - Mix of rock, pop, folk and blues.

Pet Lions - Catchy indie pop that mixes a Strokes vibe with classic power pop and new wave. CD review here.

Plain White T's - The pop/rock band best known for massive hit "Hey There Delilah" update regularly.

Post Honeymoon - "Think Siouxsie Sioux meets the Motels, meets Love & Rockets (without the guitars)."

Project ULTRA - "Groove-based rock with the lyrical prose and honesty of a singer-songwriter."

Seven Day Sonnet - Prog rock.

Smashing Pumpkins - Billy Corgan and company have a pretty active account, with regular updates and some interaction.

Snowsera - Pop punk meets alt. rock. CD review here.

The 1900s / Mazes - Chicago's folk pop favorites. CD review here.

The Fold - Alt.rock/pop.

The Frantic - Pop/punk.

The Handcuffs - "Think Queens of the Stone Age and Blondie on a roadtrip with Beck."

The Hood Internet - Mashup duo specializing in unlikely rock-hip hop pairings. More info.

The Hue - "Aggressive progressive fusion."

The Innocent - Melodic singer-songwriter rock. CD review here.

The Insecurities - Members of Lucky Boys Confusion go from pop punk to alt. country/indie rock. CD review here.

The Locals - Guitar-driven alt. pop. CD review here.

The Maybenauts - "Think the Runaways meet Foreigner, fronted by a foul-mouthed version of Ann and Nancy Wilson."

The Rikters - Hook-filled power rock.

The Sweeps - Indie/punk.

Treaty of Paris - "Upbeat melodies, poppy harmonies, heartfelt lyrics, and memorable guitar hooks."

Volcano! - Experimental indie rock.


  1. @americanautumn Twitter for The American Autumn; Chicago based pop punk/catchy rock!

  2. Hey! Great list!

    Chicago Electropop band, Ask You In Gray could be on here too!


  3. Don't forget Model Stranger!