Monday, March 16, 2009

This week: Radio One showcase at Empty Bottle

Get set for WLUW's showcase of local bands at the Empty Bottle on Friday, March 20. The show starts at 9:30 p.m., and for a mere $8 ($6 if you print off and bring the flyer above, also available at offers up the chance to see four great Chicago bands: Jonny Rumble, Bailiff, Kid, You'll Move Mountains and Pretty Good Dance Moves. Here's a rundown of each of them to get you up to speed for the show:

Jonny Rumble

This band thinks the current state of rock is in sad shape, and are doing their part to breathe some life into it by summoning "the raw energy of punk and the intoxicating sensibility of early rock and roll." The four-piece released an LP called "Almost Dead" in 2008, and are getting set to follow it up with a highly catchy and energetic single called "Courtney's Basement," available March 24. You can check out both the single and tracks from the album on the band's MySpace site.


This band's style is often referred to as "progressive blues," and they are best known for their tight, all-around excellent live shows. They have released an EP, "Mm Hmm," and will soon record a debut LP. For more information, check out the Q&A I recently did with the band's singer and guitarist, Josh Siegel.

Kid, You'll Move Mountains

Featuring former members of local bands Troubled Hubble and Inspector Owl, Kid, You'll Move Mountains is one of the latest notable indie rock acts to come out of Chicago.This group has a big, epic sound that features a nice mix of male and female vocals.They recently releaed their debut LP, "Loomings." Check an interview with the band's Jim Hanke on a recent edition of the Chicago indie-focused Indiesomnia.

Pretty Good Dance Moves

"Taking a cue from Daft Punk — or Kraftwerk, if you want to be old school about it — electronic pop musicians Jimmy and Aaron are mysterious auteurs who shun last names, claim to divide their time between Chicago and New York and prefer to hide behind the collective identity of Pretty Good Dance Moves as they create an entrancing mix of organic and electronic sounds using vintage analog synthesizers as well as vibraphone, violin and guitar," commented Sun-Times rock critic Jim DeRogatis in a review of this duo's 2008 self-titled EP. You can check out the video to one of their tracks, "Demons Dancing," here.

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