Thursday, February 12, 2009

Camera - Fire & Science

Chicago three-piece Camera isn't new to the scene - they've been around since 2003 - but their latest EP, "Fire & Science," is only their second release. The band have spent most of their time perfecting their live show, so it wasn't until recently that they decided to take a serious leap into recording, renting a house to transform into a makeshift studio where they self-produced the six songs on the EP. Without prior recording experience, they learned as they went, and the result is an impressive showcase for their intriguing, ear-catching blend of experimental rock and new wave, which at times sounds a bit like a less depressed Joy Division.

Armed with consistently strong tracks that aren't afraid to venture into a variety of musical worlds, as well as some wonderfully bizarre song titles a la the Cocteau Twins, camera deliver an instantly memorable listening experience. The excellent "Lasting Impression of Emperors Passed" kicks off the collection with a tribal beat that develops into a jittery, driving rocker, making way for more ambient cuts such as "Inner Bully" and "One Neo Eon," which draw from shoegaze and manage to sound fresh and unique without sacrificing hooks and a sense of melody. The closing track, "London Fields," shows just how hard the band is capable of rocking and just how far their musical realm reaches.

The trio is currently working with a team of producers on a full-length for release this year, and based on the strength of "Fire & Science," it will definitely warrant a listen.

Catch Camera live on February 28 at the Abbey Pub. Click here for more information.

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