Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New tracks by Office, STAR

Two of Chicago's finest and most addictive indie pop bands - Office and STAR - have put new songs up to preview on MySpace.

Office, soon to embark on a Schubas residency with a show every Monday night in October, have posted a number of new tracks from their forthcoming follow-up to 2007's "A Night at the Ritz." The songs are "Sticky Dew," "Dr. Drako," "Enter Me, Exit You," Sleep of Reason" and "Nobody Knows You." The band has also posted the lyrics to all of the tracks on their blog.

The new LP was tentatively titled "The Silent Parade," then it wasn't, and now it may or may not be. Either way, judging by the aforementioned tracks it's one to look forward to. It's been said the band was not satisfied with "A Night at the Ritz," which consisted of both new and reworked songs and was released on Scratchie/New Line Records. They recently parted ways with the label and are set to release the new album independently early next year.

Another local favorite, STAR (pictured above), have put up two new tracks for free download. "Turn It On" is a preview of what's to come on the band's sophomore LP, "Violence Against STAR," while "Like Flies on Sherbert" is a very cool Alex Chilton cover. The album is currently being recorded, and will follow-up last year's "Devastator," a memorable set of noise pop gems.

STAR will play Schubas on September 28.

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