Monday, August 18, 2008

The 1900s - Everybody's Got a Collection (vinyl single)

It's appropriate that the 1900s have followed up their debut LP, 2007's "Cold & Kind," with a vinyl single. The band's 60s-styled folk pop is tailor made for the nostalgic land of wax and turntables, where the occasional crack or pop somehow makes it sound even better.

The new 7", pressed on groovy white vinyl and available through Parasol, features the sweeping "Everybody's Got a Collection" on the A side and "Age of Metals" - the gloomiest thing the band has done to date - on the B side. While the latter has not previously been heard, a slightly different version of "Collection" circulated around the Internet last year upon the release of "Cold & Kind." It's hard to understand why the track was left off the album, as it's one of the strongest and most accessible songs in the band's catalog.

Although the 1900s have more than one main vocalist, Edward Anderson is at the helm on both tracks here. Anderson has a smooth, light voice that is a perfect fit for the kind of breezy and bittersweet fare present on the A side. The song is at its most powerful when he sings the chorus, which includes the excellent lines, "Everybody's got a collection I know that they wouldn't sell, they just leave it on their shelves/And everybody's got a confession I know that they'd never tell, they just keep it to themselves."

Listen to a sample from the 45 and pick up a copy for $3.50 on

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