Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I-GO Seeking Chicago Band Submissions

Here's a cool competition for both Chicago musicians and Chicago music fans.

I-GO Car Sharing, a local non-profit, eco-friendly car sharing service that allows people to reserve a car when they need it and pay for using it by the hour, is now accepting Chicago band submissions for its second annual "Audio Emissions CD." Musicians can submit their songs for
the competition at http://igocars.org/igoaudioemissions/submit until Thursday, June 5. Then from June 6 to June 14 I-GO members and Chicago music fans in general can vote for which ones they want to hear on the CD at http://igocars.org/igoaudioemissions/vote. The winners will be included on the CD and played in I-GO cars.

This seems like a great, unique way for local acts to get their music heard by more people around the city.

Here is the full press release with additional details:


I-GO Car Sharing Announces 2nd Annual Audio Emissions CD Featuring Wilco

Bands Compete and Chicago Votes for 2008 Driving Music

(Chicago, IL) I-GO Car Sharing is currently assembling its second annual compilation of songs from Chicago’s coolest and most popular bands. Already committed to this year’s project are fan favorites Wilco and Neko Case.

Local bands can compete for a chance to be heard by I-GO’s growing membership by submitting songs through I-GO’s website from Tuesday, May 27th until Thursday, June 5th. Chicago residents will then have the opportunity to pick their favorites from Friday, June 6th until Friday, June 14th through I-GO’s website and also a voting kiosk at the June 6th First Friday at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

“While I-GO members don’t spend a lot of time in cars, when they do, we want to provide them with fun, new music that they like and choose. By providing this cd, it’s also a way for us to thank our members not only for their business but their commitment to reduce car usage and carbon emissions,” said Sharon Feigon, CEO of I-GO Car Sharing.

As 2007 winner Bille D testifies, "I-GO has done a wonderful job of bringing together talented artists from Chicago's independent music scene under a cause that facilitates collaboration, collectivism, and preservation."

Launched in 2002 as a pilot project supported by the City of Chicago and the U.S. Department of Transportation, I-GO is a nonprofit company with more than 8,000 members and a fleet of 185 low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicles currently operating in more than 30 Chicago neighborhoods, Evanston and Oak Park. I-GO aims to reduce car ownership rates, lower family transportation costs, reduce urban congestion and improve air quality in all neighborhoods. Members reserve a car online or by phone, they use and return the car, all for one hourly rate that covers gas and insurance.

Bands who want to compete for a spot on Audio Emissions can submit songs at www.igocars.org/igoaudioemissions.

Last year’s edition of Audio Emissions included Chicago artists like Andrew Bird, Koko Taylor, Devil in the Woodpile, Mucca Pazza and Billie D.

For more information, visit www.igocars.org.



  1. wow i think this is great i have never heard of this which is strange i heard things about it but i mean i never knew what it was so thank you so much for this it is so generous of you to share this with us!


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