Thursday, April 24, 2008

THE SAPIENS - Vs. the Hornet (EP)

Take one look at The Sapiens and for a second you might think you've happened upon some sort of British invasion cover band fit to rock the state fair. While the suit-clad group of five channels visions of rock's past, the aggressive, punk-spirited sound throughout their 2007 EP Vs. the Hornet proves they're not quite that easy to figure out. True, the EP features a sound that at times is vaguely retro. At other times, though, it comes across as entirely modern. And occasionally it settles somewhere in the middle.

Vs. the Hornet is a bit like musical caffeine. Push Me kicks off the six-song set with a punch, offering up a frantic punk-indie-electro hybrid. You can't hear much of what vocalist Evan Sears spouts, but it doesn't really matter - in fact, it somehow seems appropriate that way. Void and Cry travel down a similar road. Every Corner - which boasts arguably the collection's strongest hook - is 60s garage on speed. Desperate Measures is 60s garage on slightly less speed. Waitress, Waitress - another highlight - teases with a smooth piano intro that makes you think the band might finally take a breather, only to find the familiar jolt soon kicks in.

Vs. the Hornet showcases a band with undeniable potential that hopefully will soon make its way to a full length release.

Listen to some of the tracks on MySpace, purchase the EP on CDBaby and catch The Sapiens live - they're playing a free show at Double Door on Wednesday, April 30.

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