Thursday, April 3, 2008

MAY OR MAY NOT - Head on Springs (EP)

Hot on the heels of their 2007 LP A Kaleidoscope of Egos and a handful of random 2008 recordings, Chicago indie pop band May or May Not have released a new digital EP, Head on Springs.

The four songs, available for free download on the band's official site, are a bit of a departure in sound, playing up the psychedelic touches that their past releases very effectively mixed with a good dose of poppy hooks. They are also all sung by Zaid Maxwell, marking the first time a May or May Not release hasn't featured multiple members at the helm.

The EP's awesome artwork is a great representation of how the material feels. These hazy tunes are fit for a rainy day, with opener Baby's in LA starting things off with a gentle strum that explodes into a musical thunderstorm. Stationary Motion chugs along in a whirlwind of sounds, while The Self Charmed Man offers a more organic take on the same catchy song from Kaleidoscope. Wet Light ends the EP with a continuation of the downcast vibe present throughout.

Head on Springs is a welcome addition to the band's catalog and further proof that you never really know what to expect from a May or May Not release, which keeps things interesting. Check it out!

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