Friday, April 11, 2008

THE 1900s - Plume Delivery (EP)

The introductory EP from folk-rock unit The 1900s, released in 2006, was the perfect preface to the band's debut LP, Cold & Kind. In fact, there's nothing on Plume Delivery that wouldn't feel right at home on Cold & Kind, with its exquisitely-crafted harmonies, semi-psychedelia and overall 1960s-style charm.

The jumpy Bring the Good Boys Home, arguably the strongest track, kicks the six song set off with no shortage of hooks. The track is sung by sometimes vocalist Jeanine O'Toole, who gives it an endearing, playful vibe. Most-of-the-time vocalist Edward Anderson takes it from there with the melodic A Coming Age, another highlight. After a jaunt into psychedelic instrumental territory (Flight of the Monowings), Whole of the Law serves up more heavily orchestrated ear candy, while Patron Saint of the Mediocre sounds promising at the start, but plods on more than a bit too long at over seven minutes. Heart Props is short, sweet and innocent, providing a refreshing outro to the EP.

Plume Delivery, like its long-playing successor Cold & Kind, kind of makes you feel as though you're running around in some sunny field circa 1964 while Odyssey and Oracle-era Zombies magically plays in the background. What more could you ask for?

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